SONY DSCIf your organization requires a tailor-made lecture, workshop or professional training course on a particular subject then this is the best option for you.

A variety of themes can be combined to provide an exciting experience uniquely catering for a particular audience, which could be students, on the spectrum, professionals or family members. Workshops will include short assignments, video material and discussion time. These can be group or individual based according to what you as a client would need.

An example of this type of workshop is one that has already been given in Great Britain multiple times. The 5 hour workshop ‘Autism From A Developmental Perspective’ explores the work of Dr.Martine Delfos . It translates her work into practical suggestions such as how to learn to view autism in the way that the latest research is supporting.

The 4 hour workshop ‘Adult…and then what?!’ examines: Autism – the basics, transitions and change, communication, promoting independence, relationships and wo(men) on the spectrum. This is an example of how a variety of themes can be combined so that they complement each other.